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The Ninebot Z series is considered the Mercedez-Benz of electric unicycles. It can zip past cars at speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour and go as far as 20 miles on a full charge. The intense strength of the engine and suspension makes riding it extremely well balanced, even when moving at high speeds. And for this is same reason, this Z series has some of the smoothest handling currently available in the world of unicycles. The Ninebot makes riding an e-unicycle the ultimate union between thought and movement. 

If you're looking for a solid buy for now and the future without anything going obsolete for a while this is definitely the best buy. 

Specs And Features: 

  • Fly At Speeds Over 30 Miles Per Hour 🏎 (REALLY FAST)!
  • Travel up to 20 Miles Of Range On A Full Charge ⚡🏇!
  • Bluetooth-Enabled Speakers 🎶📻!
  • An Interactive display!
  • Extendable Handle For Easy Carrying and Storage 🎒!
  • Even has headlights and brake lights!
  •  And Much, Much More ⭐!

And don't forget, FREE SHIPPING!!

    Size: 20.47in x 12.20in x 23.62in 

    Weight: 48.50 pounds

    Manufacturer: Ninebot


    Stop Walking Around And Begin Gliding Around Town Today!

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