in motion V series self balance electric unicycle
Self balancing electric scooter inzMotion V series
Self balancing electric scooter
InMotion V5F
Self balancing electric scooter inMotion V series

InMotion V5F

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Simply put, The Inmotion V series is the most advanced electric unicycle available in the entire world. Riding one feels so close to flying that dismounting it feels ridiculous. The V series is designed for simple mounting and tight turns at high speeds. With a range of near 45 miles on a full charge and a top speed of 25 miles per hour, you'll simply vanish and reappear anywhere you want around town in no time at all. It has brake lights and headlights and even completely programmable colored lights that glow out of it's sides at night. And you know how a lot of the other ones have a convenient collapsible handle onthe top? The V series is literally fold-able. So you can put it right into your luggage when you need to travel. 

If you're serious, the Inmotion V series is something you should have. 

Specs And Features: 

  • Fly At Speeds Over 25 Miles Per Hour 🏎!
  • Travel up to 45 Miles Of Range On A Full Charge ⚡🏇!
  • Bluetooth-Enabled Speakers 🎶📻!
  • Fold-able design.
  • High speed CPU for better balancing
  •  And Much, Much More ⭐!

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    Size: 8.74 in x 15.82 in x 6.53 in

    Weight: 26 pounds

    Manufacturer: InMotion

    Stop Walking Around And Begin Gliding Around Town Today!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Super happy, great communication, arrived within 1 month, tracking only updated within the last week of shipping but that is normal for EUC shipping :) highly recommended seller


    1 month to the wheel.


    I waited to write some longer and more detailed opinion, but for now i cant find time for this so in short - i got great price for this, because i bought it in time of some sort of sales week. I thought it will came much quicker as it was sent by UPS, but it took standard time of about 3-4 weeks (do not remember exactly), but it does not matter as it was tax free and it has no problem with connecting to original Inmotion app, and that was thing i feared most. It works perfectly, altough i did not had time to use it much outdoors yet. I'll try t leave more feedback when i will drive it some 100km or more. For now i am really, really happy that i bought this V8. Thank you seller and recommend!


    Very fast delivery


    Well reçu