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A1 Series

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The A1 series is absolutely amazing! Truly a classic and probably the best ride we have for beginners. With an A1 you'll be able to go up to 20 miles on a single charge. And fly through town at speeds just around 15 miles an hour. 

Let's not forget all the other power perks. You'll be able to control it using an interactive display located on the face of it. Play a cool song, with your new embedded Bluetooth speakers. And know you're riding as safe as possible with automated brake-lights and headlights. Lift it and carry it around, seeing as it only weighs around 25 pounds.  

If you're looking for a strong, long term ride to start with, this might be the one. 

Specs And Features: 

  • Fly At Speeds Around 15 Miles Per Hour 🏎!
  • Travel up to 20 Miles Of Range On A Full Charge ⚡🏇!
  • Bluetooth-Enabled Speakers 🎶📻!
  • EVEN comes with a mobile app to control and view your ride stats! 
  • An Interactive display!
  • Extendable Handle For Easy Carrying and Storage 🎒!
  • Even has headlights and brake lights!
  •  And Much, Much More ⭐!

And don't forget, FREE SHIPPING!!

    Size: 25.59 in x 14.96 in x 11.81in

    Weight: 33 pounds

    Manufacturer: Ninebot


    Stop Walking Around And Begin Gliding Around Town Today!

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